11 Management Lessons Sholay Teaches Us


Sholay is an iconic movie for so many reasons: the memorable characters, the gripping story, the deft dialogue that has become the stuff of movie lore, the high octane entertainment and action. However, Sholay is also a great study in lessons of management and for running and building successful organisations. Here are the management lessons Sholay teaches us:

Have a goal

Know exactly what you are trying to achieve and do not lose sight of the set goal no matter how many lucrative offers come in the way.

Do in-depth market research 

What consumers do and why

Understand the minds and motivations of the consumers. Why they choose what they do, because only then you’ll be able to appeal to their sensibilities.

Disruption is key

The only way to differentiate yourself and be one up is to shake things up completely. The degree of success you see is directly proportional to the degree of risk you are willing to take.


Know the competition

Who they are, what they do and whether you are capable of taking them on or them you. You must gather this intel in order to stay in the game.


Know your own valuation

What is your market worth? Constantly blowing your own horn, at every given opportunity in order to increase the perceived value of the company.


Plan around national or local events

Plan calendars for product launches, promotions or sales around events which are close to the hearts of the consumer.


Hire the right talent

Thakur knew he couldn’t take on Gabbar on his own and neither could the people who lived in Rangarh, so he went out and hired the two best people for the job.


Focus on building teams

Get the right negotiator for getting best terms

The person who can get the job done one way or the other, who knows the person on the other side of the table and is able to get the best terms for the company.


Parties and events

Some may consider this to be frivolous but it is an important part of motivating employees and incentivising their hard work,


Be aware of weaknesses and prepare accordingly

The most important lesson by Thakur was so what you don’t have arms? You can still ‘kick’ butt!



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