The 12-year-old mother’s misery is not less than Nirbhaya


In Bengal, a 12-year-old girl was raped in May 2016, this rape made her mother at such an age. In March 2017, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Before becoming a mother, she also went to school like the rest of the girls. But he did not know that he was going to be even more appalled. The school she used to study did not want that girl to come to that school now. The school’s headmistress says that due to childbirth there has been a lot of defamation in the school. The school teachers say that the parents of other children are worried that if their children meet the child, then what will the parents answer? Headmistress says that ‘Parents asked me if I asked you about the rape, can I answer?’ Therefore the parents of the girl have been asked to take transfer certificate and put it somewhere else.

That is, now the school doors have been closed for him. As such, the child herself was responsible for the atrocities committed on her own. At this juncture, when the children did not even know the good of bad, they were played with them due to which they became Howrah’s youngest mother today. Find out about his pregnancy too late. The accused of rape is on the karate teacher of the girl and 5 others.

Just imagine the mood of this girl who has not reached even her teenage years and is handling her own baby in her hands and is asking for justice from the court herself. The teacher is charged, but the neighbors accused the girl’s grandfather of rape as well. Dada was beaten and beaten. He is in this age that he does not even know himself when he has been with him, but he wants to get caught sooner to do injustice.

Whatever happened with Nirbhaya was horrendous, but what is happening with this child and what words can be said in the words. The society was with Nirbhaya, she got justice, but who is the culprit of this child, she has not even figured out. After suffering so much, if he wants to live a normal life, he is not allowed to live. School people removed him and the girl’s father is looking for some other school, but there is no guarantee that a rape victim and another young girl will accept the other school openly.

The culprits of this girl are not many – the rapists, the society, the school, but to whom Kisses are punished. Lakhs are Nirbhaya in India, everyone has their own story, every story has a similar kind of pain behind them. But every story today raises many question marks on the society and the government, whose answers do not meet anyone.


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