50 houses gutted in Dudu (Jaipur)


JAIPUR: About 50 houses were gutted in fire and two dozen cattle were killed in a major fire that was reported in Dhandoli village in Dudu near Jaipur on Saturday evening.

Till late night, the fire officials toiled hard to contain the blaze which was reportedly triggered after an electric cable fell on a hut. The fire officials from Jaipur sent 20 fire tenders but the blaze couldn’t be doused.

While no loss of life was reported, the police and fire officials believe that household items worth several lakh were gutted in fir. Jalag Ghasiya, fire official, led a team of over 40 fire fighters, “The situation remains critical, it will take us at least two days to completely douse the fire as it has spread across two kilometers of village area, our focus currently is to ensure that it doesn’t engulf other nearby villages,” Ghasiya told TOI.

The panic stricken villagers tried to save their cattle but the heat made it impossible for them to completely evacuate the village. A police official told TOI that exact reason about what triggered the fire remains unknown, however, the blaze has engulfed many significant parts of the village.

“This is a major fire as many houses have been completely destroyed, we don’t know what caused the fire but it seems some electric cable fell due to which there was a short circuit,” the police official said, adding that even before villagers could properly evacuate the village with their cattle, the fire had already spread.

The official said that they are keeping a watch over the situation but the fire has caused major damage to the village, “The information that we have received so far is that many houses have been burnt and people have complained about their cattle being killed in blaze,” the official added.


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