7 Movies That Do A Great Job Of Making Viewers Question Reality


Ok, so we love movies and can never get enough of them. Some movies have been made that are simply mind blowing. Literally! Leaving the viewers considering all the what-ifs and questioning the realities that we take for granted.
Here we mention some trippy movies that have ‘far-out’ concepts that made everyone stop and wonder.

1. Memento

First we have a movie by Christopher Nolan named Memento where a guy suffers from anterograde amnesia which makes it impossible for him to store any new memories in the brain. The only way he retains things is through tattoos on his body. Yeah, Ghajini was based on this movie with some Indian masala thrown in. This hypothetical concept has pushed a person to think if they can really trust their own brain when it comes to remembrance.

2. Inception

Inception not only induces paranoia in the watcher but it will makes them question every single concept of life. The movie is all about Cobb, a thief who pervades the dream and sells the extracted information to the highest bidder. The concept of creating a multi-layer dream, raised questions on the human consciousness and what do we really understand about it?

3. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is a unique movie which talks about the reality and delusion by exploring the mental illness and its implications. DiCaprio plays a role of  a detective who goes to the Shutter Island  to investigate the disappearance of a patient. He witnesses sinister things and has viewers at the edge of their seat. When the movie finally unveils the plot, it leaves everyone gasping and startled.

4. Vanilla Sky

David ends up losing the love of his life after he disfigured his face due to the car accident. However, he asks the life extension to freeze his body until a permanent solution for his disfigured face is found. He is put on the stage of lucid dreaming where he is faced with a tough choice of staying in dreams with the love of his life or wake up after 150 years when the cure for his face is found.

5. Sucker Punch

A young girl is forcefully institutionalised by her cruel and abusive father. She finds a way to cope up with the trauma of abuse and tries to escape the mental facility before she gets lobotomized. Totally freaky!

6. Black Swan

Black Swan was one of those flawless movies where you see Natalie Portman playing the role of Nina Sayers, the professional dancer. Nina is a dancer who gets into the role of a black swan to the point where she germinates feathers and loses her true self for the sake of professioanl achievement.

7. Source Code

Colter Stevens plays a role of US army pilot where he needs to put himself in the consciousness of another man in last 8 minutes of his life to defuse a bomb from a moving train. Amidst the mission, Colter falls in love with a lady who is traveling with him in the train. The movie is all about how Colter tries to change the past and things that can be affected in future. This movie will leave you stunned.


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