Chris Brown Drags Bow Wow After Fans Mock Him In Viral !Bow Wow Challenge!


Hah! Chris Brown is helping pile on Bow Wow after the rapper claimed to have given him his first big break. This comes on the heels of the viral ‘Bow Wow Challenge’ and we’ve got more on Breezy’s big diss.

Bow Wow has enough problems these days after he got caught faking that he was traveling on a private jet when got busted flying commercial instead. That turned into a viral #Bowwowchallenge of people flexing fake wealth that has gone viral. Now the 30-year-old — whose real name is Shad Moss — is taking credit for Chris Brown‘s career and Breezy’s having none of it! “They wouldn’t even know half these guys that they love today if it wasn’t for [Scream] as a platform,” Bow Wow said in a May 11 radio interview. “We put Trey Songz on his first tour ever. I put Omarion on his first tour ever. I put Chris Brown on his first tour ever, which was the Scream tour. Ciara. First tour ever was that.” Whew, that’s a whole lot of name dropping!

“I can’t say they owe me anything,” he added. “But I love to put people in positions to watch them succeed.” Well, Chris didn’t think too highly of his comments, openly dissing the Instagram stories video with the comment “Somebody take Bow Wow’s phone.” Oh SNAP! We love that Breezy took the time to tell Shad that he was out of line for saying he helped make him famous.

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Shad sure picked a bad time to be claiming to have started the careers of so many hip hop stars because he’s been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. He posted an Instagram pic flaunting that he was about to hit his WE tv Growing Up Hip Hop promo tour on a private plane when in fact he was later snapped by a passenger on a commercial flight flying along with the regular folks. That ended up blowing up the internet, turning viral with people showing off photos that made their life seem much more glamorous than it really is.

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