This Is What Fast Food Joints Are Hiding From You… Know Their Sneaky Side!


Most of us love fast food.

But there are certain things that these fast food employees or their companies don’t want you to know.

Know what they’re hiding!.

Red and yellow colour schemes urge you to grab a bite. This works at a subconscious level. It makes you hungry. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘Ketchup and mustard theory’

The secret to the burgers becoming ready in minutes.

Most big eating joints prepare and present burgers in minutes. The reason is that they are kept frozen for long hours before they are taken to the kitchen.

The food is designed in the way that you’d want more.

You typically chew your food about 15 times, while in a fast food joint that number reduces to about 12. This way, when you chew less, the less satisfied you are and the more food you want.

Everything on the menu tastes exactly the same.

Salads might even have more calories than the other fast food options.

While it may look like a healthier option, the added content and salad dressing have more  calories than you think.

Whenever you go these joints, employees often lure you with the combo offers and you end up eating more food than you had planned. That’s because their only goal is to sell you more in order to earn more.

You don’t actually get grilled meat.

Because everything is mass produced beforehand and frozen, they don’t actually grill your meat. Instead, they add an artificial aroma of smoke to make it seem like the meat has been grilled.

Try to eat the food as soon as you get it.

The taste in the fast food items isn’t meant to last long. The fries begin to lose their taste within five minutes and the burger might only taste good for the first 20 minutes. It might not be a good idea to order take aways.

The eggs you ordered might be fake.

The egg in fast food chains contains both real egg and a “premium egg mixture” which is a mixture of glycerine, dimethylpolysiloxane (a form of silicone), and the food additive E552. Not a healthy option!

What about the soda you so lovingly order with every meal?

Wanna know why the soda tastes fresher at fast food chains? That’s because they often mix the concentrate and water together right before serving you.

Those prettily packaged coffee containers are actually bad for you!

Many fast food giants provide coffee in beautifully designed styrofoam cups. Styrofoam has a chemical which when exposed to warm conditions, can have a negative effect on the nervous system. It can cause depression and reduce concentration.


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