Gangster Anandpal Singh Who Was On The Run For Over A Year, Finally Killed In An Encounter In Rajasthan’s Churu District

Rajasthan’s infamous gangster Anand Pal Singh was all over social media over the weekend when several images of his alleged encounter surfaced online. Known for his notorious crimes ranging right from murder to gang war, Anand Pal has been terrorizing the region for several years now.
Although the police officials had managed to nab the dacoit a few years ago, Anand Pal made a filmy escape from prison by feeding officials spiked sweets. Ever since then, Anand Pal has been absconding with several failed attempts to capture him.
And why not! Possessing an AK-47, machine gun and bombs would only add onto his easy escape. Hence the happiness the citizens felt at the news of his encounter seemed understandable.
However, the news reports left the Special Operations Team and ATS completely clueless. Probing to see where the news originated from, a senior officer finally cleared the air by EOD. Here’s the truth behind the viral photo.
Rajasthan’s infamous gangster Anandpal Singh who escaped from the clutches of police custody way back in way back in the year 2015, has finally been shot dead by the Rajasthan police. The encounter took place in the Churu district on the 24th of June with gun battle between Anandpal and the cops lasting for over 45 minutes.
Known for his notorious crimes of murder and gang war, Anandpal was captured a few years back, but managed to escape while being transferred back to Ajmer prison after a court hearing in September 2015. Two cops were killed during the run, resulting which a reward of Rs. 5 Lakh was announced on the capture of Anandpal.
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