Mama June Thrilled With Baywatch Pics: Felt As Hot As Pam Anderson After 300lb Loss


Aw! Mama June is still seeing herself in a whole new light after doing a sexy ‘Baywatch’-themed photo shoot in a red swimsuit. She even felt like she gave ‘Pamela Anderson a run for her money!’

Mama June, 37, has completely transformed not just physically, but emotionally. She’s gained a TON of confidence after losing about 300 pounds, and she capped it all off with a sexy Baywatch-themed photo shoot rocking a swimsuit on May 3. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she’s on cloud 9 after the shoot. “June was blown away by the results of her Baywatch shoot. She literally can not stop looking at the photos—and she looks gorgeous! If somebody had told June a couple of years ago that she would be a Baywatch babe, and posing for the cameras in a skimpy swimsuit she would have laughed them out of state.” How sweet is that?!

June knows that her fitness experience will never end, and she’s ready to fight to feel this good forever. “She’s come so far, but her journey isn’t over yet—June is fully committed to keeping her hot new bod, and for the first time in her life she is being totally disciplined when it comes to her food and gym regiment,” the insider explained.  Her weight loss is  truly inspirational, and nowadays she can give even Pamela Anderson a run for her money!” Yas queen!

June totally deserves to feel amazing and confident after the work she’s put in. Over the past year she busted her butt on her new show Mama June: From Not To Hot, and managed to lose around 300 pounds. You do you, girl!

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