Punjabi Girl Held in Saudi Arabia Seeks Bhagwant Mann’s Help


Bhagwant Mann, Aam Aadmi Party MP from Punjab, uploaded a video on his Facebook account that led to widespread rage on social media. In the video, a Punjabi girl is pleading Mann to rescue her from Saudi Arabia and bring her back to Punjab.

The girl is seen crying in the video and says that she has been held captive by two men in Saudi Arabia for a year now. She further adds that she came to Saudi to work and earn a living, but was being abused and was not offered any food.

They lock me up inside a room and don’t let me do anything. Even the police refused to help me.

Bhagwant Mann uploaded this video saying that he needed the contact number or address or passport details of the girl.

The next day, Mann did a Facebook live thanking the people who helped him get the details of the girl. He said that he now has a copy of her passport and has approached the External Affairs Ministry to take action, and help her bring back to Punjab.

Sushma Swaraj took the matters in her own hand and asked the Riyadh Embassy to take proper action.

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