Sonakshi Sinha blocks Sona Mohapatra after the actors vs singers debate


After Sonakshi Sinha’s war of words with Armaan Malik, the actors versus singers debate seems to be far from. In the latest development, the ‘Noor’ actress recently blocked singer Sona Mohapatra on Twitter.

Singer Armaan Malik and actor Sonakshi Sinha’s Twitter argument over actors turning singers has hit a new low. Singer Sona Mohapatra took a dig at Sonakshi regarding the way she “talked down” to the singer-composer duo Armaan and Amaal Malik, which miffed the actor so much that she went on to block Sona. In response to this attitude, Sona wrote, “Hahahaha! Not that I’d ever followed this bundle of talent, grace & intelligence.”


In a series of tweets, Sona Mohapatra tried to make the Noor actor understand about how she could have avoided the entire clash with Armaan. She wrote, “Dear Sonakshi, if you weren’t ‘performing’ at the Bieber concert like you now proclaim, then u could have just said so & not talked about your ‘art’, your ‘dreams’ & your rights on the live performance stage. Also insulting a composer & live artist who you claimed literally ran after you to ‘collaborate’ with them. You actually laughed at them & talked down to them, instead of telling the truth? Gracious!”


Check out Sona Mohapatra’s tweets:


Also read Sonakshi Sinha’s post:

However, little did she know that this wasn’t enough to calm the storm that had risen due to her chat with Armaan and other concerned people. In reply to her post, Sona Mohapatra wrote, “Dear lady, you were condescending to real musicians & singers all through & continue to be with this juvenile ‘face saving’ post now. SAD.” After a couple of hours, Sonakshi blocked the singer from having access to any tweets, videos or pictures on her Twitter account. Sona tweeted a picture of the message and wrote, “Hahahaha! Not that I’d ever followed this bundle of talent, grace & intelligence.”


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