Things That Happen To You When You Work The Night Shift


While the BPO and KPO sectors have brought in jobs for us Indians, it surely has also brought odd working hours. Your office timings must match with the office timings of the clients who are mostly based out of western nations.And once you are allotted the evening or night shift your life changes. Below we  list down ten things that everyone who works in the night shift goes through.

Naps and coffees is to you what Mjölnir is to Thor. Without them, you are powerless.

Thor Loves Coffee

You have no social life. When everyone parties in the night, you work.

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Similarly there is no one you can go out with during noon or evening. Rest of the world is working while you have free time.

You eliminated phrases such as  ‘Family dinner’ and ‘midnight birthday parties’ long ago. You gotta work.

You never remember what day of week it is. You simply can’t, all thanks to your working hours and your messed up body clock.

You don’t get time to have breakfast. You have brunch instead.

You can possibly kill the salesman who calls you at 12 in the noon offering you a loan or some such nonsense.

You know where can you get the most tasty food in the city after midnight.

You never get enough of sleep. Ever !

You want to kill that person who says night shifts are cool.


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