You Will See Me In A Whole Different Light In The Next Few Years: Dave Bautista


Dave Bautista, who features in the Guardians of the Galaxy films says he will evolve more as an actor in the coming years.
Wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista, who is currently featuring in Guardians of the Galaxy series, says in the coming years he will evolve more as an actor, thanks to his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. “They are actual actor roles…That is some of the stuff that I fought really hard for and they are the doors that ‘Guardians…’ opened for me. They showed my range as an actor and not just a musclehead,” Bautista said during an interview.

“I fought hard not to get typecast and these are the doors that are opening for me. In the next few years, you will see me a whole different light.” He added. Talking about his works and future projects, Bautista said, “I have worked a lot in the last few years actually. It has not been released yet and this year also I will continue.” “I am very proud of the role I play in ‘Blade Runner 2049’. I am proud of being a part of the project with such brilliant actors. I will also be doing ‘Hotel Artemis’ starring opposite Jodie Foster.” Said the actor. “I have a memory of James Gunn saying that he chose all of us for specific reasons. I think it was because in our own way, we all are misfits and we would meet the need of the characters.” Bautista stated further.
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